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Диалог на английском языке “Знакомство” с переводом

Данный диалог представляет собой естественный обмен репликами, который может происходить между носителями английского языка в ситуации, когда двух незнакомых людей представляют друг другу. Диалог не перегружен лексикой по теме “Знакомство”, зато фразы используются уместно согласно с коммуникативной ситуацией. Одновременно диалог знакомит учащихся с правилами этикета при разговоре с новым знакомым в достаточно легкой неформальной обстановке.

Dialog “Acquaintance” – Who’s that black-haired guy, Jessie? His face looks familiar. – That’s George, Marcy, my cousin from Australia.

You must have seen him on the photos he sent me. Would you like to make acquaintance with him? Let’s talk to him. – Ok, Jessie!

– George, how do you do! Let me introduce my close friend Marcy to you! – Hello, Marcy! Nice to meet you!

– Nice to meet you, too! Jessie said you’re from Australia? – Oh, yes.

But originally our family’s from here, like Jessie’s. My parents moved to Sidney just after their marriage when father was offered a good job there. He’s a programmer. – Oh, how interesting! And what are you, George?

– I’m a student now, studying English literature. – Really? It’s so unusual for today when everybody wants to be a lawyer or an economist at least.

– You think? My opinion is that every person has to be what he wants. Is literature so bad?

– No, I think it’s wonderful. – Thank you, Marcy! What about you? What do you do?

– I’m a hair-dresser. I work at “Wonderworld” on Smith’s Street not far away from here. Also I attend the Design courses in college.

– Good of you! You manage to work and to study! – What’s more – design’s my hobby, so I think I must agree with you – we should study what we like.

– So, you’re not a lawyer? – Not at all! – And do you like to dance, Marcy? – Of course, I do! – Come dance with me, Marcy!

The music is divine…

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Твір на тему: Диалог на английском языке “Знакомство” с переводом

Диалог на английском языке “Знакомство” с переводом
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