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Grammar tests. Present Simple Tense

Present Simple Tense Test 1 1. … you know Patrick Rich? a) Do b) Does 2. He usually… a sports car! a) drive b) drives 3. He doesn’t… slow cars. a) like b) likes 4. He… fast cars. a) like b) likes 5. He sometimes… too fast. a) drive b) drives 6. He always… his teeth after meals. a) brush b) brushes 7. We… work on Sunday. a) don’t b) doesn’t 8. She… like apples. a) don’t b) doesn’t 9. He… help me. a) don’t b) doesn’t 10. They… drive fast. a) don’t b) doesn’t 11. It… fly. a) don’t b) doesn’t 12. … you read newspapers? a) Do b) Does Test 2 1. Does Kate eat much? – Yes, she… a) do b) does 2. … he play tennis? a) Do b) Does 3. … they tidy their room? a) Do b) Does 4. He… at 7 o’clock in the morning. a) get up b) gets up 5. He… and… every morning. a) washes/dresses b) wash/dress 6. George never… meat. a) eat b) eats 7. Kate usually… go swimming. a) don’t b) doesn’t 8. We usually… the summer in France. a) spend b) spends 9. I seldom… at discos. a) dance b) dances 10. He sometimes… popular magazines. a) read b) reads 11. It often… in England in winter. a) rain b) rains 12.

I… like it when it rains. a) don’t b) doesn’t Test 3 1. What… your mother often say? a) Do b) Does 2. … his mother think him clever? a) do b) does 3. Sam… good rhymes. a) write b) writes 4. When… you do your lessons? a) do b) does 5. … you speak English? a) Do b) Does 6. … they swim well? a) Do b) Does 7. Do you often… lies? a) tell b) tells 8. They… their lessons at nine. a) begin b) begins 9. I… know how to play. a) don’t b) doesn’t 10. Do people… there? a) live b) lives 11. I… my sister to school every day. a) take b) takes 12. My friend… play the piano. a) don’t b) doesn’t

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Grammar tests. Present Simple Tense
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