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Розробка уроку по темі “Great Inventions”

Тема: Great Inventions

Мета: Закріпити лексику теми. Повторити граматичний

Матеріал Passive Voice. Розвивати мовленнєву

Компетенцію учнів через інсценування ситуацій

Та читання тексту. Розвивати мовну здогадку,

Аудіальні здібності. Виховувати зацікавленість

Наукою, культуру спілкування.

Обладнання: Плакат з назвою теми, чайнворд, портрети

Винахідників, малюнки винаходів, картки,

Звукозапис телевізійних мелодій.

Хід уроку

I. Підготовка до сприйняття іншомовного мовлення

1.1 Організація класу до уроку

Teacher: Good morning, boys and girls! Good morning, dear guests I’m very glad to see you! Who is on duty today?

Who is absent?

1.2 Повідомлення задач уроку

The theme of our lesson is ” Great Inventions” and today we’ll speak about them.

Teacher-Class (Примерные варианты ответов)

Teacher: But first of all I want to know how are you P 1?

Pupil 1: – Fine, thank you.

Teacher: How are you P 2?

Pupil 2: – I’m all right.

Teacher: And you P 3?

Pupil 3: – Not bad.

Pupil 4: What about you Natalia Anatoljevna?

Teacher: – I’m great, thank you.

1.3 Мовна зарядка.

A)Закріплення ЛО з темиюю. Декламування вірша

T: What can you say about the great inventions?

(учні хором декламують вірш)

The 21st century!

It’s famous for-

Radio and computers,

Bicycles and scooters,

Trains and plains,

Sockets and rockets,

TV and CD.

Things that are used

In your family!

Б) Чайнворд

I’d like you to look at this chainword. How many words can you find in it?


Open your copy-books. Write the date and then write these 4 words into your copy-books.

Name these words.

II. Основна частина уроку

2 .1 З’єднай винахід з винахідником

На дошці малюнки:автомобіля, телефону, аероплана, телевізора, магнітофона та їх винахідників.

Т:. Look at the blackboard. Now using our grammar materials Passive Voice make up sentences connecting the inventors with their inventions. Write sentences into your copy-books. Somebody will match them on the blackboard and say sentences in Passive Voice.

P1 come here.

( учні по одному виходять до дошки, об’єднують крейдою винахід з винахідником та вимовляють:

A car was invented by Henry Ford

A tape-recorder was invented by Valdemar Pousen

A television was invented by John Logue Biard

The first airplane was invented by the Wright brothers)

2.2 Інсценування діалогів

T: Pupils, at home you’ve prepared dialogues which can show us that there are many things in our life we can’t do without (дві пари інсценують свої діалоги)

2.3 Робота з алгоритмом

Т: Look here and tell me what is it. (на дошці малюнок соковижималки)

What can we do with the help of it? I have an algorithm of making fresh juice. Take these lines and put them in correct order on your desks.

Don’t write it. Write into your copy-books only the letters in correct order.

Write down your letters on the blackboard (одному з учнів через деякий час)

Correct the mistakes if you have them (до всього класу)

Read the algorithm.

2. 4 Фізкульт хвилинка

Т: Let’s have a short rest. Ann, you are welcome.

Ann: Classmates, let’s do our actions together. Stand up. Look at the ceiling, look at the floor, look at the window look at the door.

Once again. Look at the ceiling, look at the floor, look at the window look at the door.

2.5 Відгадай предмет за описом

Т:.Your task now is to guess things which we use in our everyday life.

Come to the blackboard, take a card, read the task, find here the invention and tell us what is it.

1. You wash clothes in it.

__ __ __ __ __ __ __ – __ __ __ __ __ __ __

2. You use this thing to clean your flat, carpets.

__ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __

3. You can communicate with people who are away from you using this thing. It is very compact; you can carry it in your bag or pocket. It has many functions, it can wake you up in the morning, you can enjoy listening to music with the help of it and even enjoy playing games.

__ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __

4. You can wash dirty dishes in it.

__ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __

5. You can cook, defrost and reheat prepared food in it.

2. 6 Робота з телевізійними мелодіями

Teacher :

– Look at these letters of one word: N, I, E, L, T, I, O, S, V, E. If you put them in the correct order you’ll get the word which means the most powerful and popular type of mass media, which is also one of the most wonderful inventions of the 20th century. What is it? Come to the black and put the letters in correct order.

Hands up who likes to watch different films and TV programs. Listen to the melody and guess where is it from

2.7 Робота з текстом

Television in Our Life.

The first commercial television broadcast was made on April 20, 1939 by Radio Corporation of America (RCA). Since 1939, it has become one of the most important facts of modern life. Television is very much a part of the modern world.

Its effects are felt all over the world.

Television is a reflection of modern world, say some people. It shows contemporary society. It affects customs and culture, others say.

Television is bad for culture because it keeps culture from growing, say still others.

Good or bad, television is difficult to avoid. Its pictures enter homes, stores, airports and factories. It is here to stay!

I. Point the information which is in the text: Television…

Has wide influence. is a modern day fact. can influence culture. is easy to avoid. reflects the sun and the moon. is found in homes. can’t last long.

II. The main idea of the first paragraph is:

Television affects radio. Television is the same as movies. Television is important in the modern world.

III. The main idea of the second paragraph is:

Television influences culture. Society and television is bad. Cultures grow out of television.

IV. Complete the sentences:

1. The effects of television are ______ .

A. reflections b. commercial c. facts

2. RCA made the _______ commercial television broadcast.

A. longest b. first c. second

3. Television is not found in ______ .

A. rivers b. factories c. airports

4. It is difficult to _______ television.

A. watch b. hear c. avoid

T: Let’s read the text in turn.

( учні читають текст вголос по реченню)

After the text you can see a little test. You’ll do it at home. Read the tasks and write the answers into you copy-books.

Open your daybooks and write your homework: виконати тест.

III. Закінчення уроку

Підведення підсумків

What activities have we done today?

Thank you, for your work. Take these papers with your marks. The lesson is over.

Good bye all.

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Розробка уроку по темі “Great Inventions”
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