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Сценарий мероприятия по английскому языку для 7-8 классов по теме “Мировое влияние Италии в сфере глобализации”

World influence of Italy in globalization
Мировое влияние Италии в сфере глобализации

Автор: Никитина Елена Сергеевна, учитель английского языка ГБОУ СОШ 245

Описание материала: предлагаю вам сценарий для учащихся 7-8 классов по теме “Мировое влияние Италии в сфере глобализации “. Данный материал направлен на изучение культурных особенностей Италии “. Данный материал способствует воспитанию и обучению учащихся в контексте “диалога культур “, расширяет словарный запас детей и кругозор.

Pupil 1: Cari Signore e signori! Siamo felici voi salutare al nostro carnevale. I nostri ospiti sono arrivati dalle paesi diversi specialmento per fare conoscenza con la nostra cultura, con lae nostre tradizioni e con le particolarita di carratere nazionale.

Pupil 2: Ladies and gentlemen, our carnaval is open. Today we are speaking about our people, traditions and customs taking into consideration total globalization. The process of integration has always been natural all over the world. New countries have always appeared and disappeared on the map through centuries. Some time ago peoples living on this peninsula decided to found a great country called Italy nowadays.

As you see, speaking about Italians we mean a super ethnos consisting of some ethnicities.

Pupil 3: Getting to know a country we usually want to know more about national character, some traits we should obligatory consider dealing with people. I heard that Italians are very communicative people.

Pupil 4: In spite of globalization and mixing different cultures, Italians are still emotional and passionate. On the one hand, they are talkers with expressive mimicry and active gesticulation to attract their interlocutor’s attention in any way. But on the other hand, they are staid, caring of home and family.

Italian men are gallant towards women, but their family is something saint; and as a rule any family man has photos of his wife and children with him.

Pupil 5: I was told that Italian family traditions can be an example for most people. In this country respect to parents has always been important; even at a mature age a man is connected with his “first family” more than to his spouse. In any family elderly people rule everything.

Asking for advice the young apply to the oldest in any company.

Pupil 6 : We can say daily dinner siestas strengthen family relations. Traditionally at this time all relatives spend time communicating and sharing a meal. At this time all shops and banks are closed.

Pupil 7: In spite of globalization Italy has kept some pretty holidays traditions. New Year in Italy is called “Capodanno” that means “the head of the year.” The role of Father Frost is played by Babbo Natale. He is a kind wizard with a beard who goes down from the mountains. At Christmas gifts are brought by Fairy Befana who flies on a broom. She puts some gifts into stockings.

But children who have bad marks at school get some pieces of coal instead of gifts.

Pupil 8: There is another ancient tradition: people get rid of old things through windows at New Year. And on the fist of January before sunrise people brought “new water” from a well.

They consider such water brings happiness to them.

Pupil 1: When being in Italy we can see that Italians pay special attention to their appearance. They are always dressed in a proper way. Founders of almost all the most famous fashion houses are Italians. Who has the most developed sense of style?

Italians. Which country has most popular brands? Italy. Where do we go for the most beautiful clothes?

To Italy.

Pupil 2: In Italy clothes are an important means of self-expression, a language of wishes and an instrument with which you can express your mood and preferences. Most Italian films were made under fashion influence. In Italy fashion stepped from podiums not only into streets but into cinema, sports, theatre, education and politics.

Pupil 3: For Italians fashion has become a more social and available conception. Evidently fashion is in their blood, mentality and cause of the wish to show the entire world how capable, talented, unique, intelligent they are and how wonderful their country is.

Играет классическая музыка

Pupil 4: What a beautiful melody!!! It is fantastic. I know Italy is a music(al) country.

There are so many world – famous singers: Eros Ramazzotti, Luciano Pavarotti. Will you tell me about peculiar features of Italian music?

Pupil 5: The history of Italy includes the development of an opera tradition that has spread throughout the world. Instrumental and vocal classical music is an iconic part of Italian national identity. Italian music has kept elements of the many peoples that have dominated or influenced the country, including the French and Spanish.

In spite of globalization and mixing different cultures Italian music is unique.

Pupil 6: Not long ago I was in London in the National gallery and saw some paintings of Italian artists. Italian art is actual in any time.

Pupil 7: You can see a lot of masterpieces of Italian art in museums all over the world. Today, Italy has an important place in the international art scene. You see, such movements as the Macchiaioli, Futurism, Metaphysical, Novecento Italiano, Spatialism, Arte Povera and Transavantgarde were originated in Italy. Italian art has influenced major movements throughout the centuries and has produced great artists, including painters and sculptors (Donatello, Leonardo da Vinci

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Сценарий мероприятия по английскому языку для 7-8 классов по теме “Мировое влияние Италии в сфере глобализации”
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