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Сценарий праздника “Страноведческий калейдоскоп”

Сценарий праздника “Страноведческий калейдоскоп”

Teacher: Dear guests! We are very happy to see you here. We strongly hope you won’t waste your precious time. Today we are starting a trip to Great Britain, the USA and Russia. We will tell you about their culture, traditions, customs.

What is more, we shall have a cultural quiz. It won’t be difficult for you as you have been learning English for many years. You will be asked to inform us, present here, about flags, coats of arms, hymns, symbols of the above-mentioned countries.

Pupil: Dear quests! I am very happy to greet you at our school. I am honoured to do so.

We are having a special celebration, the so-called “Countries ‘Caledoscope”. You’ll hear a lot of information about Great Britain, the USA and Russia. It’ll help you to broaden your scope.

Each team is supposed to present a newspaper, a flag, a national song. You are requested to take part in quizzes about the above – mentioned countries.

Pupil: There are three teams representing Great Britain, the USA and Russia. Dear jury, we request you to judge all our teams objectively and fairly.

-The first floor is given to the Russian team.

(Звучит гимн России). Russian Team:

1. Russia is my country. It is the biggest country in the world. Russia is situated on two continents: Europe and Asia.

The Urals form a natural border between the continents.

The national flag is one of the Russian symbols. It has three wide stripes on it. The stripes are white, blue and red.

These colours have always been symbolic. White means noble and sincere, blue – honest and devoted, red – has always meant love and bravery.

The birch tree is another Russian symbol. Russian girls are called beryozonka.

2.Russia is a very rich country. There are many mountains, rivers, lakes and forests in my country. The Volga is the longest river in Europe.

It flows into the Caspian Sea. Seas and oceans wash Russia in the north, south, east and west. The Black Sea is in the south;the Baltic Sea is in the west.

The Arctic Ocean washes my country in the north and in the east is the Pacific Ocean.

The plant and animal worlds of my country are also very rich. There are a lot of different animals, birds and plants in our forests, fields and mountains. Russia is also rich in gold, silver and other minerals.

3. Russian people have always loved their country. They have always been devoted to their Motherland, fighting for peace and independence against enemies on their land.

Moscow is the capital of Russia, its political, economic, commercial and cultural centre. It was founded 8 centuries ago by Prince Yuri Dolgoruky. Moscow is one of the largest cities in Europe.

Its total area is about nine hundred square kilometers. The population of the city is over 9 million.

4. Moscow is one of the beautiful cities in the world. The heard of Moscow is Red square. The Kremlin and St. Basil’s Cathedral are masterpieces of ancient Russian architecture.

The main Kremlin tower, the Spasskaya Tower, has become the symbol of the country. There are more than 100 museums in Moscow. The largest museums are the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts and the State Tretyakov Gallery.

Moscow is famous for its theatres. The best-known of them is the Bolshoi Opera House.


5.People in Russia have their own special traditions. One of them is Maslenitsa – the holiday, which lasts for a week, to say goodbye to winter. People celebrate it at the end of February or at the beginning of spring.

They always cook pancakes. In old times people usually cooked pancakes, had fires, burnt straw figures of winter, they songs and danced.

Pupil: Now I would like to ask you some questions about Russia. 1)What is the biggest country in the world?

2)Is Russia a rich country?

3)What seas and oceans wash Russia?

4)What can you tell about the Russian flag?

5)What other Russian symbols do you know?

Pupil: The second floor is given to the English team. ( Звучит гимн Великобрит)

6. The UK consists of four parts: England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. The flag of UK is called the United Jack. Its population is more than 56 millions people. There are many places of interest here: Trafalgar Square, Westminster Abbey, The Houses of Parliament with Big Ben, St Paul’s Cathedral, Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle, Madame Tussaud’s museum and many other places.

7.Most of them are connected with Queen Victoria and her husband Prince Albert. He died at a very early age (42). There was much love between them two, they had 9 children.

Victoria built a monument to Albert in commemoration of her love to him. Moreover, there is another place associated with them: “The Victoria and Albert Museum, the Royal Albert Hall.

8. This country has a very interesting history. One of them is connected with the Great Fire of London in 1666. It destroyed the old buildings in London. People built a new city after the fire.

London became richer, more beautiful.

9. The political centre of London is Westminster. There are a lot of offices here. The British Prime Minister lives at 10 Downing street.

White hall is a wide street leading to Parliament Square. I have mentioned Westminster Abbey as one of the sightseeings. It is really so. This is the most famous and beautiful church in Britain.

Many English kings and queens are buried here. Westminster Abbey is famous for its poets’ corner. Many great writers are buried here.

Annually many people from all over the world come here. They admire this wonderful place.

Pupil: Now I would like to ask you some questions about Britain.

1.What is the other name of Great Britain?

2.In whose honour was named Big Ben? What is this story?

3.What cathedral in London was designed by Christopher Wren?

4.What museum in England has the greatest collection of books?

5.Which writer was born in Stratford-upon-Avon?

6.What is the national instrument of Scotland?

7.What is the oldest university in England?

8.What is the currency of Great Britain?

Pupil: The third floor is given to the American team.(Звучит гимн Соед. Штатов)


Pupil: So, questions.

1.Who discovered America? When did he discover it?

2.Why did the people want to leave England for America?

3.What was the name of the ship?

4. Who made jeans?

5. What do people often call the American flag?

6. How many stars and stripes are there on the American flag? Why?

7.What do Americans celebrate on the 4th of July?

8. What is the capital of the USA? What do the letters D. C. stand for?


1.There are six of us in every family, but only four in a town; what are we? (letters)

2.I have cities but no houses; forests, but no trees; rivers without water; what am? (a map )

3.What can live on paper, but will die on water? (fire)

4.Which month has 28 days? (They all have 28 days)

5. A servant had a brother, and the brother died. The man who died had no brother. What was the servant? ( The servant was a woman.)

6. What is that which you cannot see, but which is always before you?(your future)

7. Three girls walked to school under one umbrella. Why didn’t any of them get wet? (because it did not rain)

8.What is it that looks like a cat, eats like a cat, walks like a cat, but still it is not a cat? ( a kitten)

9.What has no head, no arms, no legs, and still has a tongue? (a shoe )

Pupil: Our performance is over. I’d like to thank all those who took part in it and our visitors at the same time for their patience, applauses. Such holidays are both very useful and educational for all of us.

Thank you. Good – bye!

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Сценарий праздника “Страноведческий калейдоскоп”
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