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Урок на тему “Food and Health” УМК “Enjoy English. “5 – 6 классы

Открытый урок

УМК “Enjoy English. “5 – 6 классы.
Авторы: Биболетова М. З., Добрынина Н. В., Трубанева Н. Н.

Тема: ” Food and Health “

Учитель высшей категории

МОУ Солодчинской СОШ

Полякова Лариса Николаевна

С. Солодча 2015г.

Lesson plan

6th form

” Food and Health”

Aim: To provide student’s oral practice about

Healthy eating

Objective: By the end of the lesson the students

Will have had practice in making up

Dialogues and monologues about

Healthy food

Equipment: Film “Food in Great Britain”,

Presentation, cards “Ideal menu for…”

Cards “Advantages and Disadvantages

Of Fast food”

The beginning of the lesson

Good morning, friends!

God morning, L. N.

Glad to see you!

Glad to see you too!

Friends, are you OK today?

Yes, we are

That’s fine

The aim and objective of the lesson

T: – The slogan of the lesson “An apple a day keeps

A doctor away”. (“Кто яблоко в день съедает,

У того доктор не бывает”)

T: – What Russian proverbs about health do you


P1: Здоровье дороже денег.

Health is better than wealth.

P2: В здоровом теле здоровый дух.

A sound mind is a sound body.

P3: Курить – здоровью вредить.

Smoking is dangerous for your health.

T: – Today we’ll speak about British people, what

They like to eat and compare with Russian

People. (slide)

Warming up

T: Let’s travel to Health – city. To get there you

Should do some tasks. (slide)

Ask a question about food to the partner (in a chain):

What do you like to eat?

What do you like to drink?

What do you usually have for breakfast?

Do you like sweets?

Is pizza tasty?

Do you like sandwiches?

Is cola healthy?

T: – Well done!

The main part of the lesson

T: – Friends, do you know what these things

Are made from. (Slide with products)

P1, P2… Cheese is made from milk.

(Indiv. work)

Do the crossword. (group work) (cards) (music)

What fruit and vegetables can you see?

(indiv. work) (on the slide)

Where are these products from?

(pair work) (on the slide)

5. How many words about food can you find

Here? (change pairs) (cards or on the slide)

6. The film “Food in Great Britain”

T: – Friends, now you will watch a film about

What British children like to eat and what

They don’t like to eat. After that you should

Answer the questions. (on the slide)

What do British children eat at school?

What do they eat at home?

What do they usually drink?

Is it healthy?

T: Good job!

7. T: – Children, what do you know about fast

Food? Is it healthy?

Change groups. You should write about advantages and disadvantages of

Fast food. (cards) (music)

8. – Friends, what do you usually eat for dinner

(breakfast, supper, in special days, at school)?

Is it healthy?

P1, P2…(monologues)

9. – Now, change pairs and write Ideal menu for

Breakfast, dinner, supper, in special days, at

School. (cards) (music)

5 . Заключительная часть урока

T: – Let’s sing a merry song about healthy


T: – Friends, what new did you know at the

Lesson? Did you like it?

P1, P2…

T: – Thank you for your job. Your marks are…

I wish you to eat only healthy food.

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Твір на тему: Урок на тему “Food and Health” УМК “Enjoy English. “5 – 6 классы

Урок на тему “Food and Health” УМК “Enjoy English. “5 – 6 классы
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