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Внеклассное мероприятия по английскому языку на тему “Великобритания в сравнении с нашей страной”

МАОУ “Базарно – Матакская средняя общеобразовательная школа”

Алькеевского района Республики Татарстан

Внеклассное мероприятия по английскому языку

На тему “Великобритания в сравнении

С нашей страной”

Игра “Крестики – нолики”

Участвуют 8 классы

Учитель английского языка

Махмутова Фания Хаварисовна

2015 год

Тема мероприятия: Великобритания в сравнении с нашей страной

По английскому языку в 8 классе

Цели: 1. Расширение познавательной активности учащихся.

2. Повышение мотивации для изучения английского языка

3. Расширение лингвострановедческих знаний

4. Воспитание уважительного отношения к культуре страны изучаемого языка и собственных традиций

5. Совершенствование умения практического владения английским языком

Форма мероприятия: игра “Крестики-нолики”

Правила игры. Команды выполняют задания конкурсов, получают определенное количество фишек за правильные ответы. После выполнения задания определяется победитель конкурса и название на игровом поле закрывают карточками крестик или нолик.

Команда, победившая в очередном конкурсе, получает право выбора следующего конкурса. Побеждает команда, выигравшая больше число конкурсов.

Оборудование: компьютер, компьютерная презентация, листы с заданиями, фишки, крестики, нолики, стенд с 9 разделами, карта Великобритании и Татарстана.

Ход мероприятия.

– Good afternoon my dear boys, girls and guests of our lesson. Today we’ll speak about two large countries : Great Britain and Russia (Tatarstan). For the competition you should make two teams.

This form will the members of the team Crosses and you will the members of the team Neels.

1.Countries and simbols

This competition has a few tasts

The first task consists of matching flags with symbols. Be very attentive. The quickest team is…

1d, 2c, 3 a, 4 e, 5 b, 6 f

2. Guessing game ” What is the Building?”

– You will see pictures of the buildings which you must guess. Then you are to tell about them what you know.

1. Trafalgar Square

2. The Houses of Parliament and Big Ben

3. the Suumbike Tower

4. The Kul Sharif Mosque

5. The Tower Bridge

6. The Tower of London

7. The Kamal Theatre

8. Buckingham Palace

9. The Millenium Bridge

10. The Balley and Opera Theatre named after Musa Jalil

11. The London Eye

12. The Kremlin

– Choose the correct answer for these questions (1b, 2a, 3c, 4b, 5a)

1. All queens and kings were crowned here:

A. St. Paul’s Cathedral

B. Westminster Abbey

C. Buckingham Palace

D. the Tower of London

E. Westminster Cathedral

2. This building was designed by Sir Christopher Wren:

A. St. Paul’s Cathedral

B. Westminster Abbey

C. Buckingham Palace

D. the Tower of London

E. Westminster Cathedral

3. This building is the political center of the country:

A. St. Paul’s Cathedral

B. Westminster Abbey

C. Buckingham Palace

D. the Tower of London

E. Westminster Cathedral

4. Where is the Poet’s Corner?

A. St. Paul’s Cathedral

B. Westminster Abbey

C. Buckingham Palace

D. the Tower of London

E. Westminster Cathedral

5. The Whispering Gallery at this building is very popular with tourists:

A. St. Paul’s Cathedral

B. Westminster Abbey

C. Buckingham Palace

D. the Tower of London

E. Westminster Cathedral

3. Pages of history

This competition consists of history quiz. You must choose the correct answer and pronounce it.

1.Who were the first to invade Britain?

A. Celts

B. Vikings

C. Romans

D. Normans

2. He was a very important person. Under his reign Britain became independent of the Roman Catholic Church

A. William I

B. Henry VIII

C. Richard III

D. James V

3. This monarch ruled for the longest period in the British History.

A. Elizabeth I

B. Elizabeth II

C. Victoria

D. Mary I

4. What are the main colours of the Houses of Parliament?

A. gold, red and blue

B. gold, green and red

C. red and green

4. Famous people

– Соотнести портреты знаменит. людей с их именами.1 b, 2 c, 3a, 4d, 5e, 6f

Mark Twain

Alexander Pushkin

Kavi Nadjmi

E) Charles Dickens

D) Salikh Saidashev

F) William Shakespeare

– Listen to the information and say the name of a suitable person

1. This person was born in Stratf ord-upon-Avon not far from London. His father came to Stratford from a village and opened a shop there. He never became a rich man but at one time he was an important official in the city.

This famous man lived in Stratford until he was twenty-one. He got married and had three children. At the age of 21 he left Stratford for London to join a company of actors. He was a very good actor and an excellent playwright.( William Shakespeare)

2. He worked at a small factory in London, pasting labels on blacking bottles. He had to work in a dirty room with no windows. He did not like his work, but he had to work at the factory for two years. Then he went to school for three years, but he did not learn much at school. He learned much at home, from his father and from other clever people.

Later he worked as a reporter to the Parliament and became a writer. He is the author of famous novels such as “Oliver Twist”, “Dombey and Son”, “David Copperfield” .( Charles Dickens)

3. He was born in the state of Missouri in the United States in 1835.

His father was an unsuccessful lawyer. The family seldom lived more than a year or two in the same town. That is why the future writer did not even finish secondary school. He went to work at the age of 12.

For two years he worked for his elder brother’s small newspaper both as a printer and reporter. In 1857 he became a pilot on the Mississipi river. He continued to write.

In 1876 he wrote “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer”. The

Book was read by everybody, by the young and old and was translated into nearly every language in the world. “( Mark Twain)

4. He was a Soviet writer, the first chairman of the Writer’s Union of Tatarstan. He wrote novels about the Civil War, the Great War, the life of our country and its people. He did a lot for the development of the Tatar Literature. He organized the creative work of the writer’s Union of Tatarstan very effectively.( Kavi Nadzhmi)

5. He was a talented composer, who contributed a lot to the development of Tatar professional music. Everybody knows his famous ” The Red Army March” which became one of the symbols of his country. (S. Saidashev)

6. He is not only a great poet for us. He is the perfect man combining brilliant talent with civil

Courage and moral integrity. His name is associated with our love for the Motherland, and the best in our life. Hundreds of new concepts, hundreds of new words have appeared in the language in the years that have passed since his death, but not a single word of his poetry has become obsolete.( A. Pushkin)

– Соотнести пословицы с их переводами. Match the proverbs with the Russian equivalents.

1. Live and learn. а) О вкусах не спорят.

2. Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today. б) Если уж стоит что-то делать, то

3. Haste makes waste. делать надо хорошо.

4. Practice makes perfect.

В) Скажи мне кто твой друг, и я

5. A man is known by the company he keeps. скажу кто ты.

6. Look before you leap. г) Никогда не поздно учиться.

7. Tastes differ. д) В гостях хорошо, а дома лучше.

8. Actions speak louder than words. е) Поспешишь – людей насмешишь.

9. It’s a small world. ж) Не откладывай на завтра то, что

Можешь сделать сегодня.

10. East or West, home is best. з) Век живи, век учись.

11. It’s never too late to learn. и) Повторение – мать учения.

12. What is worth doing at all is worth doing well. к) Не зная броду, не суйся в воду.

Л) Мир тесен.

М) Не по словам судят, а по делам

1.з, 2. ж, 3. е, 4. и, 5. в, 6. к, 7. а, 8. м, 9. л, 10. д, 11. г, 12. б

5. Musical competition

This competition has two tasks.

– Now my dears, you’ll listen to some songs. You must put them in the correct order how they are sounding.

Alsu “Sandugach”

Madonna “Sorry”

Modern Talking “Brother Louie”

Nevergreen “Since you ‘ve gone”

Salavat Fatkhetdinov “Min yaratam sine Tatarstan”

Beatles “Yesterday”

– The second task is singing songs in English which you have learnt. Who knows more songs this team is winner.

6. English words experts

Составить слов как можно больше.

Now let’s check your knowledge of vocabulary. There are some letters with which you are to complete the words as many as you can.

7. Drawing competition.

– As I know there are a lot of artists at our school. Are there any artists among you, students?

Let’s check it. But the task is not easy because you must listen to the information and draw description of the text.

Нарисовать картинку к тексту.

Учитель читает текст, в это время из каждой команды один ученик рисует картину. Оценивается сходство описания теста с изображением.

This is a big house near the forest. The house is yellow with a red roof. There are two windows in the house and one door. To the left of the house there is a green tree. To the right of the house there are two flowers.

One flower is red, the second flower is blue. Under the tree there is a black dog. On the tree there is a fat cat.

Near the house there is a cow and ten hens with a cockerel.

8. A competition “Questions-answers”

Вопросы на рассыпку.

Вопросы задаются сразу обеим командам. Ответ дается по очереди командами, а затем сообщается правильный ответ.

What is the name of the present British Queen? (Elizabeth II)

What is the official residence of the Queen?( Buckingham Palace)

It was a fortress, a royal palace, a prison. ( Tower of London)

He was the sixteenth President of the United States and he wrote the Emancipation Proclamation. ( Abraham Lincoln)

Name the capitals of England, Scotland, Wales and Nothern Ireland (London, Edinburgh, Cardiff, Belfast)

Where can we meet Admiral Nelson? (Trafalgar Square)

Are all the people in Britain English? (no)

What English pop group is famous all over the world? (The Beatles)

What is the favourite hot drink in Britain? (tea)

Name the architectural masterpiece of Christopher Wren.(St Paul’s Cathedral)

When must you go to school in Britain? ( from 5 until 16)

Who is the author of “The adventures of Tom Sayer” and ” The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn” ( Mark Twain)

What is the traditional Christmas meal in Britain? ( roast turkey, Christmas pudding)

Who was called “An Iron Lady? (Margaret Thatcher)

What is the national musical instrument of Scotland?(bagpipe)

Where is the Speaker’s Corner? ( in Hyde Park)

Which English writer is called the Queen of detectives?(Agatha Christie)

If it is the midday in London, what time is it in New York?( 7 o’clock in the evening)

When do Americans celebrate Good Friday? ( on the day before Easter)

When can you vote in Britain? ( from 18 )

9. Theatre

– Посмотреть и угадать название произведения “Goldilocks and three bears”, “The Red Riding Hood and the wolf” Выступают ученики 3 А класса.

And now let’s watch the acting of the students who will show you short parts of the fairy tales. You are to watch and guess the name of the actings.

– пантомимо и синхронизация

Dialogue 1

Situation: a girl meets her girl-friend in the headphones.

Materials: walkman.

What are you listening to?


What are you listening to?

Sorry, I can’t hear you, I’m listening to Michael Jackson.

Will you take off your head phones?

What did you say?

Good grief.

Dialogue 2.

Situation: Some people are working in the library reading-room. A little boy is playing with his pen and causing much noise. The librarian asks him to stop it.

Materials needed: table ” Library”

Librarian: Excuse me. Will you be quiet please?

Boy: Pardon?

L. I said, will you be quiet, please?

B. I’m sorry, can you say that again?

L. Silence in the library!

B. What did you say?

L. I said, be quiet!

B. What?

L. Shut up!!!

– Now let’s compare your results. As you can see the team “Crosses” wins in… competitions, the team “Neels” has… scores. The winner is… Thank you for your work. You were very brilliant.

Now let me give you some presents. Good luck.

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Внеклассное мероприятия по английскому языку на тему “Великобритания в сравнении с нашей страной”
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