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Входная пошаговая диагностика по английскому языку 2-9 классы


(Steps from F2 to F8)

Дай полный ответ на вопросы:

1.What’s your name and surname?

2. What are you?

3. How old are you?

4. What nationality are you?

5. What are you interested in? What can you do well?

6. Where do you come from? Do you live in your hometown or are you living somewhere else now?


Выберите Подходящее Слово :

1. Ann has got ___ cat and I have got ___ (an, a, the) elephant.

2. I ___ (has, have) a new computer.

3. Bob ___ ( have, has) brown eyes.

4. She ___ ( am, is, are) a teacher.

5. We ___ (am, is are) Russian.

6. We have got two ___ (bear, bears).

7. He ___ (like, likes) playing.

8. I hate ___ ( Kate, Kate’s, Kates) dress.

9. We ___ (live, lives) in Moscow.

To be

To have



Pr. S.



Possesive C.

( F -3)

Выбери подходящее слово:

1. A lot of fish ____ (live, lives) in this lake.

2. I see many ____ (child, children) playing in the street.

3.”____ (may, must, mustn’t) I come in?”

4.” You ____ (must, mustn’t, may) drink cold milk.” – doctor says.

5. Напиши порядковые числительные:

One ________________, two ___________________, tree ____________________,

Eight ________________, six ____________________, twelve __________________.

6. Напишите какие это цифры и поставьте их по порядку:

___ninety four __fourteen, __ twenty, ___thirteen,

7. My brother likes _______(play, playing, played) chess.

8._____ (what, where, when, who) sleeps in this room?

9. _____(how many, how much) pets have you got?

10. _____ (how many, how much) milk does your sister drink?

11. _____( when, where, who, why) do you live?

12. Tom _____(don’t, doesn’t) live in a big city.

13. _____ (do/ does) you eat sweets every day?

14. They always wash ____ (their, they) hands before meals.

15. ____ (we, our) walk ____ ( we, our) pets in the park every day.

16.Напиши сколько время: It’s (12.00) _______________

It’s (12.15)________________________. It’s (12.30)_______________________________________.

17. My sister hates _________(to read, reading, read) books.


Pr. Simple



1 – 100

Ordinal numbers

Specia Questions


Ing-form after some verbs

Telling the time


1. There ____ (is, are) a table and two chairs in the kitchen.

2. There ____(is, are) two posters in my room.

4. Ann is _____ (good, better, the best) pupil in our school.

5. The weather is _____ (good, better, the best) today than it was yesterday.

7. There is a nice carpet ___ ( in, on, under, at) the floor.

8. There’s no balcony ___( on, in, at) their new flat.

9. He ____ (was, were) to Spain last year.

10. They ____ (don’t, weren’t, didn’t) travel by train to Italy last year.

11. We ___ (was, were) at home yesterday.

12. We ___ (don’t, didn’t, weren’t) celebrate New Year last year.

13. We ___ (go, will go, went) to London next summer.

14. Tomorrow Kate and Sue ____ (have, will have, had) a party.

15.Is there ____ (some, any, no) bread?

16. There is ___(some, any, no) milk in the fridge.

There is/are


Adj.-Degrees of


Past. S/Pr. S.

Future Simple


1. Напиши II Форму Глаголов :

Understand – become – eat –

Run – swim – think – say –

2. Используй отрицательные приставки и сформируй новые слова:

____friendly, ___polite, ___usual, ___pleasant

Вставь Нужное Слово :

3.What ____ (is, are, am)you doing?

4. My father ____ ( is, are, am) repairing his car.

5. Barbara ____ ( doesn’t, isn’t, didn’t) singing now. She ____(singing, sings, sing) on Saturdays.

6. Do you like apples_____(but, or) oranges?

7. They sing Spanish songs well, _____(can, can’t, do, don’t) they?

8. It’s a good idea to visit London next year, ___(don’t, doesn’t, isn’t) it.

9.We ____ (spend, spend, are spending) three hours studying English yesterday.

10. She ____(takes, took, is taking) her brother to the doctor’s yesterday.

11. What ___ you ____ (do go, are going) to do next summer?

12.My friends __________ ( go, is gong, are going) to spend their summer holidays at the seaside.

Irregular Verbs

Pr. C.

Pr. C/Pr. S.

Disjunctive Q.

Alternative Q.

Pst. S. /Pr. S.

Going to

Negative Prefixes

Ответь на вопросы:

1.When did you last swim in the Black sea?

2. What are you going to do next summer?

3. What are you going to be when you grow up? (…finish school?)

4. What is your mother (father, teacher) doing now?

Составь всевозможные вопросы к данному предложению:

We ate pineapples and grapes at Kate’s birthday party yesterday.





_____________________________________________ , ______________________?


Мы приняли участие в фестивале.

Посмотри на этого читающего мальчика, я его знаю.

Он врач, но сейчас он учит детей.

Посмотри, девочка танцует. Она всегда очень красиво танцует.

Pst. S/Irr. v.


Going to/

Future plans

Pr. Cont./

Pr. S.



(F – 6)

1. The film is worth ___ (watch, to watch, watching).

2. He ______ (did, has done, have done) his homework already.

3. She _____ ( did, didn’t, has, haven’t, hasn’t) cooked breakfast yet.

4. We have _____ ( yet, already, just) been to London.

5. ______ ( a/an/the/-) Emily lives in ____ (a/an/the/-)London.

6. Winters are not cold in _____ ( a/an/the/-_ Europe.

7. “you _____(must/should) visit us when you are in Moscow.”- says Kate.

8. I have done it ______ (my, me, myself).

9. You have to wash your jeans _____(you, your, yourself)


10.Какой красивый день!_____________________________________________________________

11. Какие плохие Мальчики!___________________________________________________________

12. Закрой дверь!____________________________________________________________________

13.Не трогай мою собаку! _____________________________________________________________

Adj +



A/an/the/-with geographical names

Pr. Prf./Pst. S.




What aWhat!


1. She expects us _____ (come, to come, will come).

2.” I want you _____ ( be, to be, will be) the best pupil in class.”- father said.

3. You ______( look, feel, smell)sad! What’s the matter?

4. Go ______ ( towards, across, through) the forest and you’ll find the lake.

5. Go ______( across, toward, through) the street and there is a bus stop.

6. It is ______(hard/hardly)to understand why she says does.

7. We have seen this film _____(late, lately).

8. You _____ ( have to, must, should) study hard if you want to get a good job.

9. Pupils ______(should, have to ) wear a uniform at school.

10. If the weather ______ ( will be/ is/ was) fine, we will go hiking.

11. What will you tell Tom, when you _____ ( will meet/ meet/ met) him.

Comx. Obj.





Have to/should/ must

Cond. I

( F -8)

1. When mother came Tom ____ (did, is doing, was doing, does, will do) his homework.

2. What ____ you _____ (do…do, did…do, will…do, were…doing) this time yesterday?

3. While Tom _____ (repaired, was repairing, will repair, is repairing) his car, his little son_______ (played, is playing, will play, was playing) with a kitten in the yard.

4. – What _______________ ?( happened, has happened, had happened)

– I _________________(cut, has cut, had cut, have cut) my finger!

5. _____you ever _________( did…see, have…seen, had…seen) her new house?

6. She didn’t understand what she _______ (did, has done, had done).

7. It was late when she realized whom she _______ ( met, has met, had met).

8. If I were you, I ___________ ( ask, will ask, would ask) first.

9. We would buy this beautiful house if our father __________(is, were, would be) alive.

10. __________ (what, where, wherever, whatever) I would go, __________________( what, where, wherever, whatever)I would do, I’d never forget my family.

11. She said she _________ (will go, would go, went) to the sea the next summer.

12. She asked if we ________ (know, knew, will know) how to act in different situations.

13. He was the one _______ (who, that, which) knew her very well.

14. ______ (who, that, what) are you talking about? I don’t believe it!

15. When she was a student she ________ ( sold, was selling, used to sell) her drawings in the streets of Moscow.

16. They are rich now, but they___________ (were/ used to be, would be) ______________(enough/ rather) poor when they lived in London.

17. The women walked into the room. I ______never______(saw, have…seen, had…seen) her before.

18. When Sarah arrived at the party, Paul wasn’t here. He ________ (went, has gone, had gone) home.

19.Tom _____ ______ (will invite, invited, was invited) to come to the party.

20. I will _____ my car ______________ at the garage next week. (have… repair, repair…..soon, have… repaired).

21. What _____ your dress ____________ of? ( will… make, had…. been made, is… made)

Used to

Pr. Prf. Pst. S.

Pst. S.

Past. C

Cond. II

What whatever,

Passive Voice


Pst. Prf.

TOTAL: _____________ (out of 112 grammar tasks) it makes _____________%.

Items to be studied:






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