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Захист проекту. Перший примірник журналу”Who Are You?”

План-конспект уроку з англ І Йсько Ї мови у 6 класі

Тема: Захист проекту. Перший примірник журналу”Who Are You?”

Методична мета: Реалізація проектної методики на заключному етапі роботи при вивченні іноземних мов і розвиток умінь спостерігати та аналізувати педагогічний процес враховуючи методичні рекомендації щодо розвитку дивергентного мислення у системі гімназичної освіти.

Практична мета: – формувати вміння здійснювати усне спілкування, стисло висказувати свої думки, правильно і логічно будувати запитання;

– демонструвати розуміння проблеми проекту, власне формування мети і завдань проекту, вибраний шлях рішення;

– аналізувати хід пошуку рішень для аргументації вибору способу рішення;

– демонструвати знайдене рішення;

– проводити аналіз успішності виготовлення матеріалу і його презентації.

Освітня мета: Розширити та збагатити словниковий запас гімназисток з теми, формувати вміння вживати Present і Past Simple;

Розвиваюча мета: Розвивати дивергентне мислення; розвивати культуру спілкування під час публічної презентації проекту і навчити демонструвати знайдене рішення.

Виховна мета: Виховувати самостійність учнів у проявленні себе, виховувати комунікабельність, зацікавленість у досягненні мети.

Тип уроку: Урок, що спрямований на розвиток мовленнєвих вмінь через дивергентне мислення.

Обладнання: Worldseach, проекти, асоціативні слова, комунікативні кліше.

Хід уроку


І Організація класу ( 30 сек.)

T: – Good morning!

P: – Good morning!

T: – Today we have some guests let’s greet them.

P: – Good morning!

T: – As usual at the end of the theme we have a presentation of your projects. During studying the topic “Summer Holidays and School Life” you were preparing your projects. It was rather difficult for you not only to get acquainted with new information, learn new vocabulary, revise some grammar, and find the material but also to make your own compositions. Moreover you do not see your last products because right now we are going to make page by page our journal “Who Are You?” Now we are going to start.

I wish you to be active and creative.

But before I want to say a few words about your future marks for this work. You have a chart which you must fill in during our lesson. At the end of the lesson we will discuss it and you will be responsible to put marks to each other.

ІІ Мовленнєва зарядка (3 хв.)

First let’s start from the riddle. Guess please:

This is the season

When the nights are short,

And children have plenty

Of fun and sport (summer)So, today we are going to speak about summer. What did you do in summer?

Get ready your tongue for the lesson:

I swam in the river,

And that was fun.

I was as glad

As no one,

I had a lot of things to do,

I was so happy,

What about you?

So, to get ready for the lesson this brainstorming must help you. Will you complete the headline with the appropriate words from your vocabulary – “SUMMER IS OVER”


ІІІ Презентація проектів

T: – Dear girls, I’ve got an empty folder and today our task to make a journal – page by page and you have everything ready. First of all we are going to start with a cover. Your task was to make the most suitable cover.

Now we can see all your covers on the blackboard and our task is to choose the best one. These words can help you to express your opinion:

– to my mind

– if you ask me

– in my opinion

– in my view

– from my point of view

– to be honest

– I feel that

– I think that

– I believe that

(children come up to the blackboard, look at the covers and choose the best one explaining their choice)

So, the first part or section of our journal is a poem page about summer. Will you read and show your poems. (children read poems about summer)

Thank you for your poems, we will include them to our journal, and now will you tell me a few words about your rest in summer. Where have you been? What interesting places have you seen?

Рольова гра “Інтерв’ю”.

I know that Lisa and Nastia have travelled a lot, haven’t you, girls? Let’s ask them questions about their travelling. Come here and sit down, please. All of you will be reporters.

You should make reports to the journal about their journey.


– What countries have you been to?

– What cities did you see?

– Did you travel by car, by bus, by plane, or on ship?

– What interesting places did you see?

– Did you buy single or return ticket?

– Whom did you travel with?

– What did you see on your way?

– How long did your journey last?

– Did you enjoy your trip? Etc.

Thank you. Summer is over and autumn comes. It brings schooling.

You are the pupils of the sixth form and you have new feeling, fresh impressions, new teachers and school rules. Your task will be to fill in the blanks about yourselves (pupils fill in the blanks)

You’ve done, these blanks will also make pages of our journal and let’s have a game using your answers.

Game “Microphone”.

The children speak about themselves according to the project “All About Me”

Game “Wordseach” Pupils must find 12 words to the topic.


IV Підсумки

So our presentation comes to the end. Take my congratulations we have just dome the first number of journal “Who Are You?” but there is the most interesting part of our work. We must discuss your work, put marks and point the mistakes.

Let’s look at your charts. Put there marks for your own work and the work of your classmates.

Home task. You should make reports to the journal about Ksenia’s journey.

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Твір на тему: Захист проекту. Перший примірник журналу”Who Are You?”

Захист проекту. Перший примірник журналу”Who Are You?”
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