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Тест “The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland”

The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

1.London is the world’s……biggest city.

A) fifth b)seventh c)tenth d)twelfth

2.London, the capital of the UK, and such historical cities as Windsor, Dover and Brighton are situated in…..

A)East Anglia b)the Southwest c) the Southeast d)the Midlands

3. The Southwest used to be known for its….

A)actors b)sailors c)pirates d)architects

4.One of the remarkable historic places in the UK which is located in the Southwest is…..

A)Stonehenge b)Big Ben c)Eiffel Tower d)Kremlin

5…..is an English general and politician (1599-1658) who was leader of the army against King Charles I in the Civil War.

A)Oliver Cromwell b)Peter Pan c)Robin Hood d)Churchill

6.Stratford-upon-Avon is the birthplace of great…

A)Robert Burns b)Jane Austen c)Robert Stevenson d)William Shakespeare

7.Cambridge is situated in… .

A)East Anglia b)the Southwest c)the Southeast d)the Midlands

8. …is an old English university city.

A)London b)Oxford c)Windsor d)Manchester

9.Heathrow Airport, one of the world’s busiest airports is about…km west of central London.

A)10 b)26 c)33 d)77

10.Most people remember King Henry VIII only because he had six…

A)sons b)wives c)daughters d)dogs

11. …never married and is remembered as a very popular and strong queen.

A)Elizabeth II b)Elizabeth I c)Victoria d)Henry VIII

12. Queen monument of…you can see in front of Buckingham Palace.

A)Prince Charles b)Victoria c)Victoria III d)William Shakespeare

13.Queen Victoria ruled for the longest period in the English history, for…

A)50 years b)90 years c)64 month d)64 years

14. …Museum is a big palace with its rich collections of paintings and other works of art.

A)Charles and Anna b)Henry and Elizabeth c)Victoria and Albert d)Andrew and Edward

15.Elizabeth II is Queen Victoria’s… .

A)granddaughter b)great granddaughter c)daughter d)son

16.William Shakespeare’s father was… .

A)artist b)actor c)glove-maker d)writer

17. William Shakespeare married… .

A)Anne Hathaway b)Anne O’Connell c)Jane Black d)queen Jane

18.Anna and William Shakespeare had got… children.

A)3 b)6 c)9 d)2

19. Most of Shakespeare’s plays were performed in the… built on the bank of the River Thames.

A)Music Hall b)Globe Theatre c)Elizabeth’s Theatre d)Holy Trinity Church

20….is the place where Shakespeare was buried.

A)Globe Theatre b)Music Hall c)Buckingham Palace d)Holy Trinity Church

21.The symbol of Scotland is……

A)an apple b)a clever c)a thistle d)a sunflower

22……is the capital of Scotland.

A)London b)Glasgow c)Dover d)Edinburgh

23.One of the best known monuments in Edinburgh is a monument to….

A)a cat Pussy b)a mouse Grey c)a dog Bobby d)a bear Balu

24……is the capital of Wales.

A) London b)Washington c)Canterbury d)Cardiff

25.Mount……, situated in Wales, is the highest mountain in Britain.

A)Snowdon b)Raindon c)Sundon d)Winddon

26.In Wales people celebrate St. David’s Day on…..

A)23rd April b)1st March c)31st December d)1st May

27……is the national game of Wales.

A) football b)badminton c)rugby d)tennis

28.In rugby a team consist of…..Players.

A)5 b)11 c)15 d)20

29.Snowdon is….meters high.

A)1085 b)4567 c)560 d)2240

30….Street is the most beautiful street of the New Town in Scotland.

A)Round b)Princes c)Queen d)Green

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Тест “The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland”
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